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Age 8 - Mozambique (Africa)

LOCATION: Mozambique
GRADE: 2nd Grade

More about me

My name is Sunesia and I am 8 years old. I live in Mozambique and attend the Mozambique-CDC program. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. At home I like to wash dishes. At church I like to attend the children's service. I also like playing soccer with my friends.

More about my program

This child development center in Mozambique serves a community where the arid landscape makes it difficult to grow food. In addition, many children have lost their parents due to HIV and AIDS. The center strives to meet the needs of children who are vulnerable through holistic programming. Many children in the area leave school, but educational success is nurtured through tutoring that teaches reading and writing, as well as help with homework. These efforts help the community to value education. Spiritual growth is fostered through Bible study. Physical well-being improves through sports and three nutritious meals a week. The children also participate in games that, along with these other activities, build healthy social skills and stronger relationships. They also allow the children to have fun in a safe and welcoming space.


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