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Karla Yesenia

Age 10 - Guatemala (Mesoamerica)

LOCATION: Guatemala
GRADE: 2nd Grade

More about me

My name is Karla Yesenia and I am 10 years old. I live in Guatemala and attend the Guatemala-CDC program. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. At home I like to help with the housework. At church I like to attend Sunday school. I also like playing group games.

More about my program

This child development center in Guatemala welcomes orphaned children, striving to help the children and their extended families achieve financial self-sufficiency and take their places as contributing members of their community. Through the center's support, these vulnerable children receive scholarships to cover the costs of education -- school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and other charges they could not afford on their own. Continuing their schooling paves the way to employment or, for some, to university. In either case, the chance to build a life on solid economic footing becomes possible. Struggling families benefit from training in various trades, as well as needed financial aid to establish themselves in small businesses, such as farming or raising livestock. Some children are also able to enjoy attending annual youth camps or organized events at local churches.


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