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Age 14 - Guatemala (Mesoamerica)

LOCATION: Guatemala
GRADE: 7th Grade

More about me

My name is Karol and I am 14 years old. I live in Guatemala and attend the Guatemala-CDC program. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. At home I like to help with the housework. At church I like to attend Sunday school. I also like playing sports.

More about my program

This child development center in Guatemala serves a small indigenous village where public education is not available beyond elementary school, limiting the possibility to continue learning. Economic realities keep most residents from traveling to other locations to pursue additional schooling. To promote a different future for the community's children and youth -- one improving their living conditions and educational opportunities -- this center works with volunteers from the local church, and members of the children's families, to provide holistic programming. The children participate in a variety of activities offered three times a week: they learn how to build healthy bodies through recreation and health care and, with their families, they receive nutrition education and support for healthy eating and living. Educational success is encouraged through tutoring and homework assistance. Souls are nurtured through devotions and Bible lessons. Everything is done in an atmosphere of Christian love and encouragement.


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