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Age 18 - Mozambique (Africa)

LOCATION: Mozambique
GRADE: 4th Grade

More about me

My name is Elsa and I am 18 years old. I live in Mozambique and attend the Mozambique-CDC program. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. At home I like to help my mother cook. I also like to play traditional games.

More about my program

This child development center in Mozambique focuses on the challenges facing children and teens, like malnutrition, illiteracy, and teen pregnancy, to help them break the cycle of poverty. Operating three days a week, the center serves healthy meals and helps educate the community on the value and practice of using local resources to create nutritious meals at home. A well has been drilled to compensate for inadequate drinking water. Children receive educational support to learn to read and write, improving their chances of academic success. In addition, parents are encouraged to send their children to school to continue learning. Spiritual formation and Bible lessons nurture faith. Together, these benefits encourage children to remain in school, grow healthier, develop stronger self-esteem and embrace Christ. As children continue to grow and learn in love, the entire community is being changed for the better.


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